"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead




Meditation - Deeper Exploration of the Inner Realms

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

When: next series TBA

Where: Mystery School of the Temple Arts, a private Temple studio in West Dearborn, MI

Cost: $10 each, or $50 for this series of 6

Why: Are you interested in deepening your path of exploration into the inner realms, tapping into your own immense potential and bringing that forward into the world...perhaps by learning a new skill, or stepping into your own power with confidence? If yes, this class is for you. We will explore the use of sound (mantra & toning), breath (pranayama), visualization, and guided psycho-physical practices to experience first hand how our intention and energy influence our physical reality. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Leslie's fusion style teachings emerge from a blend of Eastern Yogic tradition and Western Native American Shamanism, influenced by the art and science of Human Capacities potential.

Pre-requisite: Basic Meditation experience is helpful, at a minimum familiarity with finding a comfortable seated position. Feel free to contact Leslie if you have any questions about how your experience applies or for a private Meditation session to prepare for the series.

Please RSVP for location details. To sign up email Leslie.


Meditation Basics for Beginners

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

When: check back here for dates, or subscribe for email updates

Where: Mystery School of the Temple Arts, a private Temple studio in West Dearborn, MI

Cost: $10 each, or $50 for series of 6

Why: Interested in a way to release stress and shift into a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind? Would you like to increase clarity & focus, improve your mood and your relationships with others? Have you considered meditation but just not sure where to start? Or perhaps you have already begun meditating, but have found some physical or mental distraction has been difficult to get past?

If yes, this class is for you!

You will learn about the benefits of meditation, what it is, how to get started and how to bring these principles into a regular practice you can do at home. The sessions will begin with discussion and instruction and conclude with a meditation that will help you apply the principles in practice.


What others have said about this class:

"Meditation Basics for Beginners is a great class!  I participated in Leslie's class and could not believe how much I learned.  I was a total novice but always wanted to learn about meditation and how it could help me to reduce stress and achieve peace.  Leslie's energy created a warm and inviting atmosphere without intimidating a newbie like me.  I will definitely take classes from Leslie again!"

- Stephanie in Canton


"attending your meditation class got us started into wanting to know more and do more with meditation. Your tips were invaluable to us getting started properly . . . finding a relaxing/quiet place in the house to meditate, having quiet or soft music (which is what we prefer), not to be judgmental if our thoughts drift during meditation but rather allow ourselves to come back to the moment. Your emphasis on the breathing allowed us to focus on "the moment" and keep distractions to a minimum. Finally, your soothing voice provided a very calm atmosphere to allow the body and mind to relax and "be in the moment".

- Steve & Jody in Northville


-Namaste, Leslie

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