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 Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship

Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship 2018 with Leslie Blackburn


"The apprenticeship is an amazing life long resource"

"amazing and powerful"

"Do not miss the opportunity to learn HOW to learn!"

"I could not recommend her work enough"

"Every perspective is presented from full sex and gender spectrum inclusivity."

I want to share something really alive and pouring through me right now.  Five year's ago (see August 2012 newsletter), I had an inspirational experience at my Vision Quest that unlocked a few keys that were waiting to come together for me to share training for teachers in the realm of Sacred Sexuality. Over the last five years many people felt the call and entered the circle, it's been amazing...are you ready to be one of the Sacred Circle for 2018? I've been sitting with the land a day each week over the last several years, receiving guidance and feeling the call to share a new level of deep medicine. It’s time!! This will include new teachings that I have not yet shared.

If this path calls to you, possibly as weaving into your teachings, or for deepening in your own journey (you don't have to be a teacher or plan to teach to join in!), I invite you to read through the program below to see if it calls to you!  Feel free to reach out for a discussion about how it may fit for you, or if you have any questions!

Much love and light,

Leslie "Light Bearer"


Free Live Video Call to learn more and get all your questivideoons answered! Plus I will share an Embodied Practical experience to take with you on your journey!

Monday January 8, 2018 at 7:30pm-8:30pm Eastern

It's free to join in, all you need to do is send an email (put "Live Video Call" in the subject) to register and we will send you a link to join in the call from the comfort of your own space (via Zoom)! You will also receive access to the replay later, just in case you can't make it live. Looking forward to sharing with you <3



Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship 2018

day on land w craneDates: This year's program offers even more in-class time, three 3-day modules (Fri-Sun): February 16-18, March 2-4 and March 16-18, 2018. Plus time you create for yourself outside of class to commit to your practice (see below for details on requirements).

While the in-class time runs from 9:00am-6:00pm on Friday, Saturday, and 9:00am-5pm on Sunday, please clear your whole 3-day weekend for this work together. Homework will often be assigned for nights, and space and integration practices are crucial to this practice.   I find whenever I am taking training these days...the biggest thing I find helpful (and also hardest to do) is to create space for myself in the “between” times.  Consider this a retreat, and this is an assignment to give yourself space for your practice! :)  

Register by January 29, 2018 (see below for details)
Location: Evans Creek Lodge, 24330 Lahser Road, Southfield, MI 48033  - a retreat and mind/body counseling center in central Metro Detroit area. The day on the land will be held at a local nature area, to be announced.
Program details:

If you have been seeking a way to deepen your own practice, learn more about connecting with and sharing your own authentic gift with the world, and/or teach in the realm of Sacred Sexuality, AND if you are present and ready to accept the responsibility of looking deeply within, this apprenticeship is for you!

fluteThis will be an integrative program consisting of group training held in three modules, guidance for integration and home practice leading up to and between sessions, along with connection with the land.  We'll also have some special guest teachers, to be announced! For example, see video from the presentation that Kenneth Ray Stubbs shared with our 2013 Circle here>> (Yay, thank you for sharing with us Ray!) Leslie brings a fusion of Art meets Science and East meets West.  Her teachings bloom from a blend of experience and training in Sacred Sexuality, Shamanism, Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, Meditation, QiGong, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Visual Arts, Music, Psycho-Physical Human Capacities, Quantum Physics and Vibrational Dynamics.  More about Leslie here>>
altarWe will be exploring many topics, balancing discussion and education/awareness with hands-on practice and experience.  Rooted in spiritual Earth-based wisdom, we will support connection with source from within, including resources and ways to connect with the Sacred Sexual path from different traditions.  We will be holding Sacred Circle, sharing from our hearts, and deepening together.   Topics include and are not limited to:
·     Following your own path of healing, inner work
·     Connecting with your authentic gift to share with the world (fractal, weaving threads, identifying censor and limiting beliefs, affirming choices)
·     Finding your truth
·     Connecting with energy, building awareness
·     Working with Energy through Intention, Breath, Sound, Movement and Touch techniques
·     Invoking support, protection and guidance
·     Qigong & Yoga practices
·     Shamanic journeying
·     Shamanic healing practices
·     smilesEnergetic merging, circuit connection, opening, releasing, balancing (blending the concepts of chakras, meridians, nadis, energy centers)
·     Tools for Energy/Psychic protection and Releasing/Grounding
·     Creating a safe container
·     How Boundaries support Freedom
·     Connecting with Healthy Masculine & Divine Feminine energies
·     Connecting with and learning to trust your authentic body wisdom
·     Honoring the full spectrum of Gender identity, expression, and sexual preferences. Exploring a new Gender model.
·     Embodiment
·     Emotional release tools
·     Empowerment
·     Trauma and the Body - Listening to the body and releasing trauma from the body
·     Relationship Communication tools
·     smileTouch Literacy
·     Intentional Touch
·     Self Love, Respect, Pleasure
·     Supporting yourself and others in Sacred Spot/Sacred Channel Healing
·     Repatterning
·     Sexual Anatomy and Orgasm literacy (physical and energetic)
·     Building connection with your Spirit Guides on the path
·     Guidance and tools for integration and home practice – including awareness on food choices, energetic living
·     Business aspects – tips and guidance on getting started as a practitioner.
templePlan for several hours per week outside of class to engage in your practice:

You will be expected to review readings, videos, and audios outside of class in preparation for our time in class. There will be some written homework to be turned in. Also you will be expected to incorporate practices during your home time to build upon in the deepening of the sessions.  We will be covering a lot of material in a short time!  Plan on some time each day outside of the class time to integrate and incorporate the work, including journaling and meditation (training on exploring these as a regular part of your practice will be part of the class). Plan time to connect with your classmates, explore practice sessions, and integrate together outside of class.

This is about deepening with your life path!  And with your power to choose each step of the way.  It’s about Finding Your Truth, not taking someone else’s word (including mine!) as programming.  I will be guiding and offering possibilities, teaching ways to connect with your authentic inner wisdom (as often it’s really hard to hear the messages!) and empowering you…you get to decide what works for you!  

And I think of it as radical self-responsibility balanced with trusting support...I invite us all to agree to take 100% responsibility for ourselves as the source of our experiences and for our own well-being as we journey in this program and on the planet together.  We'll explore this more as we go.  Trust in your path, trust that you are supported by the Universe on your path, and that we get to support each other in our vulnerability and growth. 
One of the core concepts we will be working with is the balance of Feminine and Masculine energies.  And in fact, the very nature of not only “what” you will learn, but “how” may feel vastly different from other classes.  We will be balancing feminine body awareness and feeling/emotional processes with the often more familiar masculine analysis and thought/mental processes.  We will be learning from nature and co-creating with nature.  This is crucial at this time in our consciousness on this planet.  We are at the crux of many major cycles aligning and the resultant shifting consciousness - we are IN it now!  Spirit is guiding me to share this work timed in this way.  Things are accelerating, and the time is now to bring together the wisdom of our native, tribal roots with that of our modern, technological present.  It is by the merging of the two that we are able to move forward.  We find this concept in nature, and in Sacred Geometry for example, the wisdom of the Fibonacci sequence.  It, and we, are all connected!
drummingSink in with whether this work resonates for you.  If you feel excitement, nervousness, or the “bigness” of it scares you…it’s time!   We will be going deep, and you will be supported and learn how to support yourself and others safely in the journey.

If you choose to do this training, be ready and willing to look inside. To be nurtured, encouraged and challenged to shine your greatest Light. I also ask you to write a letter to state your intention, and your commitment to yourself and the Circle, so that Spirit and I can support you fully in your presence, and hold you to it! We will be entering into an intentional journey together, and I so look forward to supporting you!

Cost: $1500 per person for this intensive program (including special guest teachers), this also includes wholesome food to nourish your body: lunches, plus snacks, each day we are in class. We will share these meals together as part of our practice of loving mindfulness. Tuition does not include lodging or transportation, contact us if you need hotel recommendations. To register, click here>> by Jan 29 to pay a $250 deposit to hold your space in the class, and connect with Leslie to share your letter. Balance due by (see below). If you wish to discuss other payment plan options please reach out to Leslie about this before committing to the program.

New!! Tiered pricing! Register early with your deposit and get a savings on your tuition!

Register by:

  • * Final early bird payments (if you were part of Tier 1 or Tier 2 options) must be made by Feb 2nd to receive the discounted tuition
  • Jan 29, 2018 tuition $1500

Payment plans are available to space your payments from Oct - Feb, reach out if you want options for that. Final day for registration - Jan 29, 2018. All full tuition payments due no later than before the first day of class. All deposits are non-refundable. Any payments beyond the deposit will be returned if you need to cancel before class begins. No refunds for cancellations after class begins.

Supplies: Bring a journal, pen & closed container for water for each session. You may also wish to bring an item representing self love to be a part of our shared altar.  Other supplies for specific sessions will be shared as we progress.

Plus you will have the opportunity for private sessions with Leslie at a special reduced rate through the 2018 calendar year, these are highly encouraged and not required. Contact Leslie to set it up, plan for a month or more in advance for scheduling.

Plus as you complete the program, you will have access to continuing on as part of a new ongoing community group. This includes special Sacred Temple gatherings, a shared on-line group and the ability to participate in unique teaching sessions.
Open to all adults, of any sexual and gender expression/identity, that feel called to this path! And as always with my work, all relationship choices are honored: Sacred Celibacy, Sacred Monogamy and Sacred Polyamory; all are welcome.  Group size will be limited.   If this Apprenticeship is calling you please call me with any questions or if you’d like support to assess whether this program is a match for you!

leslieI am so looking forward to sharing this with you!

Leslie Blackburn
"Light Bearer"
Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide

Mystery School of the Temple Arts
One Space, LLC
“Illuminating the Path of Self-Realization”

My Blog: http://blog.onespaceconnected.com
Twitter:  #leslightbearer

A few words from Leslie...

Leslie with crane"...What unfolded was perhaps the most powerful awareness opening experience of my life. I tapped into the visionary realms of Spirit and dreamtime in a way that was so visceral and real. I faced some very real fears, as well as joys. I carry with me now the understanding that I can indeed stand with one foot in the 3D world and one in the Spirit realm. That in fact, I MUST do so...to continue to grow and learn myself and that in my teachings I am here to be that bridge, shine the Light of possibility and help others see that infinite power within themselves as well. I am incorporating now, more than ever, ...weaving the vast teachings and facing the dark shadows that are crucial to the path of Sacred Sexuality. I AM a Sacred Sexual Shaman, a Lightworker, supporting others to find and share their gift with the world. A healing path in which I support each person where they are, empowering choice and shedding light on the power we each have to heal our own bodies, learn and grow. I do not take this lightly, I am humbled, honored and grateful. I feel more aligned and on path than ever."


Leslie, Light Bearer

Read what others have said about this program:

Class of 2018

“Leslie courageously and generously shares a broad spectrum of tools to access truth and freedom in expression of our life force, which is sexual/creative power. She consistently created a safe container in which we could connect with ourselves, each other & source, taking risks to expand awareness and skills in living ecstatically and in devotion to the sacred.” ~Tatianah Thunberg

“There are times in our lives that we must dedicate time to heal our souls, this can be a terrifying prospect but it doesn't have to be that, especially if you reach out to Leslie. As a student of her apprenticeship and work, I became stronger which was needed to face my limited, box of beliefs. Many of us feel we want to be a better version of ourselves, sometimes it's really scary and I can attest to the power of being supported by Leslie. She has a way of helping us see clearly what we need to explore and tend to. I will always carry more light with me because of her. The insight, wisdom, and gifts she shares are irreplaceable.” ~Christina Myers

“My experience at Leslie’s Apprenticeship was an invitation to meet some of my biggest sexual challenges in a setting that fostered growth, inclusion, compassion, understanding and respect. I feel that I have evolved tremendously in self-awareness, communication, and my ability to relate to others. I truly feel that our culture desperately needs this type of training and practice of reconnecting with ourselves and the Earth in remembrance of our truest selves.” ~ Robert Chester

“Leslie’s Apprenticeship program has marked a pivotal moment in my life. Learning these sacred practices within a well created container has helped me move into a deeper understanding of my sexuality. I am seeing this reflect back into my life in many ways.” ~ Brandon Tracy

Class of 2015

"I came to the apprenticeship seeking higher knowledge and tools that would translate into work criterea for me. I work in a digital community targeting adults with sexual needs. I found there was little authentic support in my working community and in the midwest for what I was encountering in my practice. In my quest to enlighten humanity I came across Leslie Blackburn's Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship. I had a deep desire to hone my skills in Tantra and sexual energy transformation. Despite what I thought I knew, little did I know what that looked like at a deeper level! The apprenticeship is an amazing life long resource of people and tools that you can use in relationship with yourself and others. The journey starts with you and your circle of an amazing array of individuals that will provide a teaching mirror in a safe, non­judgmental way. A huge sigh of relief in a society with overcharged ideas of sexuality and religion. The apprenticeship allows you to slow down, figure out what is really going on or perhaps not figure it out, but to also be ok with that. Leslie conducts the “program” with consistency, laughter, movement, meditation, higher teachings, hands on practice, and so much unexpected healing. Thanks so much to Leslie and my beautiful circle of friends who walk this sacred journey together. Aho!" ~N.B.

"I have a great deal of trouble finding the words to describe the depth of experience that Leslie has shared during this course. I could not have previously imagined the clarity and power that lies within not only myself, but each of us, as we are able to deepen our intimacy with each other and ourselves. And the techniques involved in deepening this intimacy are amazing and powerful. I have never ended a course of study with the same sense of true knowing and firm grounding as I feel at the close of this course! And it is truly only the beginning!" ~Tammy L.

"Leslie is simply amazing.  An amazing teacher, amazing guide and coach, and an amazing woman.  After studying with her extensively over the last year or so, I have developed more as a person than I possibly could have imagined!  Her patient, down to earth and agenda free leadership has helped me to look deeply into my own fears and insecurities; slowly learning what it truly means to be a human on a much deeper level.  Her explanations and exercises have felt incredibly safe, with the power always in the client's hands.  In every moment I've spent with her I've felt embraced in love and showered in compassion and have never experienced even the slightest hint of judgement, no matter what has surfaced.  I could not recommend her work enough; having her in my life has been a true blessing towards understanding my sexual energy and progressing down the path of awareness!" ~Connor Otto

"I have been continually seeking training in shamanism and sacred sexuality, and, most things I'm finding are not nearly as comprehensive and illuminating as Leslie's apprenticeship. Every perspective is presented from full sex and gender spectrum inclusivity (LGBTQ friendly). Many trainings give bits and pieces of the full wonder that Leslie opens the doors to! If you are considering this apprenticeship, I highly recommend signing up immediately. Do not miss the opportunity to learn HOW to learn!" ~Emily Dryzga

Photo above left: Leslie drumming during day on the land during the 2012 Apprenticeship, taken by Angel-a Palaian

Photos (2) above right: Leslie and others during 2012 Apprenticeship, Photos by Miguel


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