"To remain intimate with textures of this present moment and feel everything completely, rather than wall yourself off from it, is a major step toward true spiritual practice in any moment."

- David Deida

"The Pathways to Presence Series: Embodying the Divine Feminine" was presented by One Space and Cosmic Door Productions,

March 15-16, 2008

Participants and presenters experienced a powerful weekend retreat at the beautiful Emrich Retreat Center in Brighton, Michigan

Sessions included rich, multidimensional lectures, experiential exercises, visual imagery, sound, music, dance, meditation, yoga, art & connections with new people...

A few words from one of the participants:

"I liked how peaceful and removed Emrich was from everyday life. I was amazed at how quickly the group jelled. The chance to meet people like me that are so good hearted, caring and intuitive about others did my soul good. I feel accepted and appreciated for just being me. I am blessed to have met Deb, thank you for inviting me."

Presenters included:

Deborah Austin, Cosmic Door Productions

Leslie Blackburn

Paul Briggs

And special thanks to Dwayne Trivax

If you are interested in ordering the Audio recordings (CD's) of the weekend, please contact Paul Briggs for details.

Thanks also to those of you who participated! If you are interested in learning more I'd love to hear from you! more>>




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