"Anima Sublimis" by artist A. Andrew Gonzalez


“Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the awakened body and you can transform everything.”

-Pierre Tielhard de Chardin





 sacred sexuality/divine feminine

"The Pathways to Presence Series: Embodying the Divine Feminine"

Presenters: Deborah Austin, Leslie Blackburn

Musician/Sound Engineer: Paul Briggs

When: Saturday & Sunday, March 15-16, 2008

Where: Emrich Retreat Center in Brighton, Michigan

Cost: see registration form for details

Join us for one or all three weekend workshops devoted to the practice and power of embodied Presence. Move beyond intellect into the vibrant aliveness of body wisdom, intuition and joy. It is only through embodied awareness that we can truly inhabit the present moment and live within the clarity and freedom of an authentic Self. Men and women alike are welcome as we entice, excite, and invite ourselves to more fully enter the temple of the spirit through a sensuous exploration of the Divine Feminine.

Presented by Cosmic Door Productions and One Space. For more details see brochure below, or email: info@onespaceconnected.com or phone: 248-486-3066


To sign-up for weekend #1, please fill out and email the Registration Form by March 7, 2008, to:

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