"To survive
our minds must taste
redwood and agate,
bat, and in the bat's mouth,
It's hard to think like a planet.
We've got to try."

      ~ James Bertolino

Leslie Blackburn supports Jean Houston with live Visual Art interpretations of lectures at:

Jean Houston's East Coast Mystery School

"The New Pangaia: Body, Spirit, and the World that Makes Them One"

Session #2: 4/3-4/5/2009, Garrison, NY



Session #1: 2/27-3/1/2009, Garrison, NY









I found that by drawing the lectures, I connected even more deeply with Jean's messages and teachings than when I take written notes. There's a powerful connection with the work that happens when interpreting through visual form.

For more information about Jean Houston's immense work in the field of Human Capacities, check out www.jeanhouston.org


What some Mystery School students said about the process of Leslie's visual art in conjunction with Jean's lectures:

"...You are the best!!  It was so nice to be in your presence this weekend as well as the rest of the M.S. members.  I meant to comment on all of your drawings…..they were phenomenal, gorgeous, superb, beautiful, and they totally matched what Jean was talking about. You are so wonderfully talented. You have such an amazing gift - WOW!!"
Namaste, Silvana 

"I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed  having you draw while Jean was speaking.
There were times when I just need  to see the 'art form' of what she was intellectualizing. It
seemed to  expand my ability to internalize on both right and left brain levels. Very  cool!"




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