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Deborah Austin, MA Transpersonal Psychology, is an intuitive healer and life-long student of a broad spectrum of spiritual philosophies. A teacher of metaphysics and spirituality since 1985 and a presenter at the national level, she currently teaches about personal transformation and healing through the lens of spiritual psychology and the practice of embodiment- the awakening of soul in matter. In her counseling and spiritual mentoring practice she utilizes the archetypes of soul-centered astrology and honors a deep commitment to assist others in revisioning life challenges as opportunities for unlocking inner resources, the gifts of soul and psyche which bring freedom from fear and limitation. Trained in Esoteric Healing, Cranial-sacral Therapy, Somato-emotional Release, and Reiki, Deborah firmly believes that humor is absolutely essential on the road to awakened soul Presence.


"Healing arts and intuitive guidance for your life journey."

Deborah Austin is available for counseling, individual and group presentations. Contact: 248-486-3066, or karmacazzi@yahoo.com Cosmic Door Productions

Upcoming Events:

"The Practice and Power of Presence", begins Oct 8th, 2008

Awakening Transformation: Clearing the Past and Claiming the Future Saturday June 26th, 2010 Brighton, Michigan. Download PDF Brochure


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