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 about Paul Briggs


Composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Briggs, MA Music & Media Arts, has been exploring the world of sound and music for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a musical household in Buffalo NY, classical piano and ear training were a part of daily life. A love for the guitar developed next, leading onto a passion for world music and the beautiful instruments that create it.

He has scored music for short films, an award winning Connecticut PBS production and for choreographers and dance companies in New York and Michigan. As a graduate student at the University of Buffalo he composed a series of piano pieces for his students along with electronic soundscapes later performed at New Music Festivals in Europe.

In 1985 he met and began working with cellist David Darling which opened up the world of improvisation and collaboration with other musicians including guitarist T. Fleisher and the band Cybergarden in NYC. 1991 marked the beginning of his current role as sound engineer/musician supporting Dr. Jean Houston’s transformative work in the field of human personal, social and spiritual development around the world. He also weaves his music and recording artistry into the work of Gary Zukav, speaker and author of four consecutive New York Times Bestsellers.

Paul has released three recordings. A solo guitar collection entitled “Grace”, an improvisational work “Mirage” with T. Fleisher, and music for the Sonnets recorded by Oregon Shakespeare Festival's own Margaret Rubin, “The Shakespeare Effect”. Click on the images to the left to listen to a few samples of Paul's recent work in collaboration with visual artist Leslie Blackburn, and browse the Music page.

Paul holds Daka Certification in Sacred Sexual Healing from the Sedona Temple & International School of Temple Arts, and for many years has been a Reiki practitioner and student of Eastern Philosophy and Religions.  His passion is for the power and healing potentials that exist from the integration of music/sound healing, emotional release and sacred sexual work. 

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