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"To enter into the initiation of sound, of vibration and mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing the soul."

~ Don G. Campbell, The Roar of Silence


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In my own path of healing, releasing and opening, I have repeatedly found myself in awe of the power of sound. We are infinite beings in finite form, our physical bodies are only one aspect of who we are. We also have energy bodies that can tap into that infinite realm, giving us access to amazing powers of self healing and transformation.

Vibrations that we call "sound" are those with frequencies that resonate with certain parts of the ear, just as light is a vibration that resonates with parts of the eyes for us to see visual images. And those two ranges of frequencies are but tiny fractions of the realm of vibratory experience in the Universe.

Imagine then the power of vibration for our bodies... how other parts of our bodies, physical and energetic, resonate to other ranges of vibration and how through that resonance, through alignment, allow reconnection to our original template and powerful healing.

The power of intentional sound is visceral, trying to think about or explain it is difficult. Feel the experience of sound, notice how it makes your body feel when you hear it, and when you tone it with your own voice. Open to the possibility of sound as healing. Specifically the power of intentional sound.

I am blessed to have been touched deeply by the lives of two amazing sound healers, it is with deep gratitude and love that I share about them here.


Namaste, Leslie Blackburn

Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide, Yogini, Artist



Dixon's Violin

"Transformational Journeys via Digital Violin"

Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people! Recently giving up a distinguished career to follow this dream full-time, he shows the beauty of doing something seemingly impossible, and bares his soul through his instrument in a captivating one-man show unlike anything you’ve experienced. Dixon was classically trained from the age of 10, grew to a symphony violinist, then digital master, and now music shaman. Currently touring North America, Dixon has mesmerized crowds from Burning Man to TEDx, as well as radio and TV. Dixon’s passionate energy will enchant, transform, and inspire you.

For Videos, Recordings, Performance schedule and more, check out:


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And I am honored to share a performance video of Dixon + Leslie:



Music by Paul Briggs:

Beyond the close circles of family, my life has been touched and blessed by women (and men) who have selflessly shared their gifts before passing on.

"now she sleeps" honors their memory...

I invite you to listen, download if you'd like...and in your heart remember those who have touched you deeply as well.

Click here to play "now she sleeps"

Please also feel free to check out three other pieces by clicking on the images of original paintings created by Leslie Blackburn that accompany each piece below. Our art inspires each other, and we’ve discovered in the collaboration of the visual and music a deepening of the work not only for us, but for viewer and listener as well.


Paul Briggs


For more original music by Paul Briggs, click the image to hear the music...

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