Artist Statement & Commission Painting by Leslie

Painting Visionary Art
My visionary work is inspired by meditation, shamanic journeys and dreams.  Each has a story behind it, the process of how the creative energy flowed through me to manifest in paint on canvas.   The images and color tell a story, and I am always amazed how the story tends to continue to unfold long after the paint has dried.  I feel it’s like tapping into a field of fundamental truth and visually expressing it…the interpretation grows as I do and varies with as many eyes that gaze upon it.   I invite you to explore the messages this image provides for you.

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Painting the Human Figure
Human figure painting is very powerful for me; it’s about seeing the energy and flow...of exploring the passion, strength, beauty, power, sensuality, love and softness.  And it’s about the healing aspects for the person I am be seen, and to be honored as who they are authentically at their core.  To help them know it’s ok to be present in their body and embrace that, as difficult as it may be.  My passion is to help others see their true selves and access their deep power and wisdom.

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If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please contact me for details and rates.


What some women have said about working with Leslie:

"I had the most wonderful experience working with you. From the moment I met you to the completion of my painting. You listened to what I wanted and you gave suggestions. You captured the image I was looking for and you were always respectful and made me feel very comfortable. I know that I came to the right person."

Thank you
Christina  (Strength)


"I finally got the painting up and she loves her new home... and Leslie- she reminded me what I am. Thank you for such a beautiful beautiful representation of me! You are amazing! I love you so much! I don't think I could ever express the impact you've had on my life and my path onward and upward toward mySelf!"

Thank you Leslie


-Namaste, Leslie Blackburn

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