"Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent."


"The language of symbols, which is the universal language, represents the quintessene, the supreme distillation of wisdom."

Omraam M. Aivanhov


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead



 sacred geometry

"Sacred Geometry 101 - What the heck do shapes have to do with the creation of everything?!"

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

Sacred Geometry is the language of creation; its principles are all around us, in our bodies, plants, crystalline structure, ancient architecture, art, musical scales and more.  Did the “The Da Vinci Code” intrigue you?  Come learn more about the mysteries behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and the Fibonacci sequence that was hidden in the original clue that kicks off the novel/movie. 

Experience clarity and a meditative calm as we draw and color shapes and patterns, and learn about some of the ancient wisdom teachings embedded within these symbolic records.

This workshop includes topics such as:

  • Creation beginning with spirit in the void
  • Geometry as the language of creation. Music, language, living creatures & plants all developed from these concepts
  • Flower of Life
  • Tree - Flower - Fruit - Seed (egg)
  • Metatron's cube - finding the 5 platonic solids from the Flower of Life
  • Vesica piscis, light
  • Feminine and masculine aspects of shapes and lines
  • Build your own Star Tetrahedron!
  • And as time permits we'll explore...
  • Golden Mean Spirals
  • Five (5), the number of regeneration, life
  • Phi Ratios - they're everywhere!...people, places, plants
  • Fibonacci sequence, spirals
  • Connection to consciousness levels

We will learn in a hands-on session, I've found that a deeper connection to this work happens when you not only hear, read about or see it...but create it!

Materials (compass, straight edge, colored pencils, paper) will be provided, if you have your own and would like to bring them please feel free. Includes course booklet to take home.  No prior experience is necessary. Just bring your open mind, interest and enthusiasm! I look forward to sharing an exciting time together! I just love this stuff :)

When & Where: Check back here for future dates and locations! Or contact me if you have a group interested and we will create a class for you! Or subscribe to the One Space newsletter for class announcements delivered to you!


-Namaste, Leslie


What one student shared about her experience with this class:

"Also, when I said before that I "hated" math growing up, what I should have added, so as not to give any negative impression was that: as with so many areas of education in our modern industrial, patriarchal age which has thus been shaped by stricly left brain linear, ie., limited thinking, math seems one of those subjects to have fallen victim along the way as well, losing it's true (wholistic) essence. It seems math as we've known it, had to have come from something much more rich, symbolic and heiroglyphic like once utilizing both brain hemispheres, but has since been reduced to something altogether more superficial over time to suit more egoic patriarchal agendas, hence resulting in losing all semblence of it's original form. I realize it's a huge understatement to say, how different might our world now be today had that not happened, and I can't help but think of young kids today and how hopefully their teachings will evolve into something more Wholistic. But of course that's why people like yourself are doing what you do to help bring it back full circle...literally and figuratively considering the Flower of Life.

I have to tell you, I went home last Tuesday feeling a brain shift akin to feeling slightly high while driving home. Grounded but blissful as in when I meditate! Looking forward to this evening."

- Kathryn

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