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"Out of silent subtle mystery emerges images.

These images coalesce into forms.

Within each form is contained the seed and essence of life.

Thus do all things emerge and expand out of darkness and emptiness."


-The Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, translated by Brian Browne Walker


 sacred geometry

What is Sacred Geometry? Check out article by Leslie Blackburn in the September 2009 issue of Natural Awakenings.


Sacred Geometry Class offerings:

"Sacred Geometry 101 - What the heck do shapes have to do with the creation of everything?!"

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

Sacred Geometry is the language of creation; its principles are all around us, in our bodies, plants, crystalline structure, ancient architecture, art, musical scales and more.  Did the “The Da Vinci Code” intrigue you?  Come learn more about the mysteries behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and the Fibonacci sequence that was hidden in the original clue that kicks off the novel/movie.  Experience clarity and a meditative calm as we draw and color shapes and patterns, and learn about ancient wisdom teachings embedded within these symbolic records.  Hands-on session.  Materials (compass, straight edge, colored pencils, paper) provided, or bring your own. Includes course booklet to take home.  No prior experience is necessary. Just bring your open mind, interest and enthusiasm!


Sri Yantra – Construction & Ancient Wisdom

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

Cost: see details

What: Using the elegant principles of Sacred Geometry, you will learn how to construct the ancient Sri Yantra, the visual expression of the highest Tantric doctrines & practice. We’ll also discuss its meaning and use as a mandala in meditation to incorporate into your personal practice. Materials provided, bring your own drawing compass if you prefer (but not required). Details>>


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-Namaste, Leslie

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