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"The language of symbols, which is the universal language, represents the quintessene, the supreme distillation of wisdom."

Omraam M. Aivanhov






 sacred geometry


Sri Yantra – Construction & Ancient Wisdom

Instructor: Leslie Blackburn

What: Using the elegant principles of Sacred Geometry, you will learn how to construct the ancient Sri Yantra, the visual expression of the highest Tantric doctrines & practice. We’ll also discuss its meaning and use as a mandala in meditation to incorporate into your personal practice. Materials provided, bring your own drawing compass & colored pencils if you prefer (but not required). This is a 2 hour class.

In the extended class (3 hours), we will get a chance to work more deeply with the image and create it's outer circuits, as well as coloring in the image.

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-Namaste, Leslie

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